Yamaoka: “Japan is in trouble”

In a Game Development magazine interview, Akira Yamaoka has compared the actual japanese videogame industry with the American (let’s remember Yamaoka has cooperated with Western developers for Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill V).

Brandon Sheffield: What is it like working with an American team for Silent Hill 5? Is it different from having a team in-house with you?

Akira Yamaoka: It’s completely different working with an American team. There are of course advantages and disadvantages, but overall, i’m really impressed with the American staff and their technology. Their graphical and technical ability is amazing. There’s a huge leap, actually. They’re very advanced. I’m Japanese, and I think this is not just with Silent Hill but with the whole of the industry – I look at what American developers are doing and I think wow… Japan is in trouble.

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