Rispondendo alle accuse di un utente di Hell Descent, particolarmente “legato” ai precedenti episodi, il producer di Silent Hill 8 (w.t.), Devin Shatsky, ha precisato che il trailer mostrato la scorsa E3 è stato sviluppato con il motore di gioco e non è un filmato in CG o pre-rendirizzato.
Questo il messaggio completo di Shastky:

“Youre sadly mistaken Ruslan, this trailer was created with ALL IN-GAME assets. This is not a pre-rendered movie. You don’t understand game development so I’m not going to debate with you. Just rest assured Murphy’s model is still in development, he is not finalized by any means, much more animation work and refinement is underway.

If you feel Silent Hill should remain in the past then feel free to move along. It’s impossible to replace something that’s become iconic, but saying that, we are not replacing Silent Hill, we are restoring it to the level it deserves. We certainly respect the fans of Silent Hill and are working very hard to make this Silent Hill .

If everybody had your mentality we would still be stuck in the Pong Ages. Games evolve over time just like everything else.

PS: Your views are subjective, some people liked Homecoming some didn’t. However, comparing this game to Homecoming is not a fair nor accurate comparison, this is a brand new development team (Vatra), a brand new Producer (me), and a brand new engine (*Unreal*).”