Esordio non brillante per Alice

OPM (Official Playstation Magazine) non si è lasciata meravigliare dal mondo di Alice bollando Madness Returns con un pesante 5/10.

Questo il commento sommario su quella che è la prima recensione del sequel del gioco curato da American McGee

“A poor pace potholes the proceedings. The game lingers on its jumping puzzles, reveling in presenting us with open vistas that require navigation across partially invisible pathways, weighted platforms, billowing air vents, and ever-shifting floors. With this limited vocabulary, Alice chugs and chugs and chugs. Timing challenges are added and overdone, and some are additionally hampered by the need to shoot targets with a Pepper Grinder gun saddled with a manual aim system that is imprecise at best. The game tops off its overlong, overly gimmick-reliant platform navigation with heroine-crushing blocks, spiked platforms, and flame spitters. In the end, we’re not jumping and soaring across Wonderland but simply grinding it out.”

Un esordio decisamente non brillante considerando le attese. Restiamo in attesa di sapere altri pareri.

Via | Gamingeverything

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